PR I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember & writing blog posts in particular since I was about 13. As a troubled, bullied & generally angry 13-year-old, I took to the internet to rant about many topics; bullies, TV shows, sexuality (which was something I was seriously struggling with at the time).

Since then, I’ve matured, got actual qualifications in writing, blogging & marketing & totally tumbled out of the closet.

I already get paid to write reviews in my day job, but I’ve been yearning for something of my own.

Here will be the home to my reviews, updates on press events I’ve been attending & on my battle against the scales, with very honest opinions on recipes, workouts & diet hacks.

You can stay updated on my Twitter & Instagram. Also, find all of my stories & more What’s On publications over on About Manchester.

PR Friendly, for enquiries regarding both my site & About Manchester, get in touch here.