GALLERY & REVIEW: The New Dhanak Deira | Bolton

We were greeted with a warm welcome by staff and swiftly taken to our table, without a wait. It was around 7:30pm on a Saturday & although there was plenty of visitors, the restaurant was still fairly quiet.

As the evening continued, the restaurant began to fill up & with it, the atmosphere picked up also.

We were brought poppadums & dips along with our drinks while we checked out the menu.

Then our starters arrived – Prawn Toast & King Prawn Tempura.

Something else I would add is that I have seen the odd complaint about portion sizes. By the end of our meal, neither of us were able to finish every bite (not for a lack of trying) and agreed we probably didn’t need starters – which is never going to stop me from ordering starters every time that I’m there (or in any other restaurant) until the end of time.

Both starters were surprisingly grease-free & incredibly light. My partner (a self-titled king prawn expert) cleared his plate in what felt like second – I can’t give any further insight as me reaching over to try his prawn toast may have resulted in me losing a finger.

I would love to pretend I am far more cultured than I am – but I’ve never actually tried Tempura and wasn’t even 100% sure what it was – but I like prawns, so I took a risk. These were some of the lightest prawns that I have ever eaten!

Onto the Main courses. The main course was brought over to the table just minutes after our plates had been cleared from the starter.

We wanted to try different parts of the menu for some variety. I had the Chicken Chilli Garlic (also available with Lamb) with egg fried rice (the best, freshest, lightest egg fried rice I’ve ever had) & my partner had the Whole Bake Garlic Chicken With Cheese (served with chips & salad).

Word of warning, although they are absolutely amazing, both of these dishes are served with a kick. With my dish, the clue is in the name. But the whole baked chicken, although not incredibly spicy, more peppery, was a shocker for my Korma & Tikka Masala loving partner who would rather never eat again than come into contact with the likes of a Jalfrezi.

As for the drinks, we were excited to see the Mocktail menu. We’re an all or nothing couple, so ‘a few drinks’ isn’t really our thing – we’re either out on the town or on Diet CokeIt was nice to have some variety, rather than just sticking to sodas.

I’ve had mocktails before & most of them are just juice or closer to a smoothie than anything. We both Really enjoyed these drinks – as some clear time & effort had gone into making them high quality & something that actually resembles a cocktail. We enjoyed a couple more cocktails in the stunning upstairs bar before we left (where we were very happy to find them playing Imagine Dragons & Bastille – win)

Overall we were really impressed with this meal – The Venu, food, drinks & service were all completely without fault. Thank you, Dhanak Deira, for having us.





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