REVIEW: Elements Treatment & Spa – Altrincham

Although I am partial to a Spa treatment or two, a Traditional Thai Massage is something I’ve never experienced before.


Elements Treatments and Spa nearly put me to sleep I was so relaxed, which has never happened to me before.


Although many Thai traditional treatments don’t require you to take any clothing off, I was having an Aromatherapy Massage. In a cold winter month, being wrapped in clean, fresh towels & warm scented oils was just what I needed to unwind.


The room had been heated beforehand which made it cosy but not sweaty.


The room already smelled fresh, due to scented candles & presumably the Aromatherapy oils too.


The misuse left me to get changed & get ready, just like with any other massage.


The treatment began with a warm, damp flannel being used to clean the feet before oils were applied & the massage could begin.


The massage started from the feet & worked its way to the legs, then the back, arms, hands & neck. After finding tension in the shoulders & working to knead it out, hot stones were used to work further into the tesnsion. This was the part that nearly knocked me out & possibly the most relaxing experience I’ve had in a long time.


I never really thought much of the ability of massage for relieving ongoing pain. As you might have guessed, I spend a massive amount of time sat at a desk & because of this and other factors such as carrying a large bag to work, I tend to end up with pretty sore & tense shoulders & neck. It’s been about 3 days since my massage and it’s the longest I’ve gone without feeling any pain during my day at work.


Not only did I feel relaxed but it’s actually made my day to day life easier & I absolutely intend to keep returning to ensure I am no longer in pain. All the tension I was feeling in my muscles from walking, working out & sitting at my desk has melted away!


I look forward to going back. Thank you Elements Treatment & Spa for having me16602176_263571410733153_4080691358195144900_o. You can find them on Facebook here & Twitter here.


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